We created a journal for your kids to help them develop a growth mindset, persistence, love of learning, gratitude, mindfulness, and other key qualities. 

The highest compliment I can ever give something is if it passes my personal litmus test: Would I share Big Life Journal with my students? The answer here is a resounding YES.
— Margarita Martinez, English teacher

The journal is beautifully illustrated...

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and includes stories, poems, quotes, and writing prompts.


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What parents are saying

I love that the Big Life Journal is full of teachable moments through stories and activities that are engaging and encourage parents and kids to work together.
— Amanda Mushro, Questionable Choices in Parenting
I’m in love with the Big Life Journal!  It’s such an incredible resource for children AND parents; it encourages open conversations and acknowledging important feelings.
— Stephanie Jankowski, When Crazy Meets Exhaustion
What I love most about the Big Life Journal is that instills the values we as parents want our children to develop as they go through this life.
— Meredith Spidel, The Mom of The Year
The Big Life Journal is perfect for children of all ages - teaching them to dream big, talk about their feelings and chronicle what’s going on in their life, one fun activity at a time.
— Mike Burke, Papa Does Preach

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