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About the Big Life Journal

The Big Life Journal is a six-months journal for children. It is based on the concept of growth mindset and designed to cultivate such qualities as perseverance, gratitude, positive thinking, love of learning, mindfulness, and others.

The recommended age range for the Big Life Journal is approximately 6-12 years of age.



what's inside

The journal is broken down into 26 weeks (six months). Each two weeks are dedicated to a specific concept like perseverance or making a difference in the world

The journal is packed with illustrations, stories, poems, quotes, thought-provoking questions, and areas for drawing. Most stories are based on real-life people like J.K. Rowling, Blake Mycoskie, and others. 

There are also fun questions like: "If you could be your favorite movie character, who would you be?"



Journal Buddy

The Big Life Journal is shared with a Journal Buddy: a parent, a grandparent, a tutor or a guardian. A Journal Buddy can help a child understand concepts better by sharing a related story from their life.

By hearing a personal story a child would understand and remember the concepts better. They would also be encouraged to share their own experience in the journal. 

The Research

The journal is based on hundreds of hours of research on qualities of successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs, writers, scientsts, non-profit founders, and others. 

One of the main concepts behind the journal is growth mindset. In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.

Main Concepts


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What parents are saying

I love that the Big Life Journal is full of teachable moments through stories and activities that are engaging and encourage parents and kids to work together. What a perfect activity for you and your kids to bond, talk, and learn together.

— Amanda Mushro, Questionable Choices in Parenting
I’m in love with the Big Life Journal!  It’s such an incredible resource for children AND parents; it encourages open conversations and acknowledging important feelings. Using the journal together is a fantastic way to facilitate an open and honest dialogue about topics that may be difficult to breech otherwise.
— Stephanie Jankowski, When Crazy Meets Exhaustion
What I love most about the Big Life Journal is that instills the values we as parents want our children to develop as they go through this life. It’s serves as a guide to show you the way while encouraging something else very important - spending time together.
— Meredith Spidel, The Mom of The Year
As a parent, a writer myself, I really love the Big Life Journal. Parents are always trying to find new ways to capture the memories of their children growing. The Big Life Journal is perfect for children of all ages - teaching them to dream big, talk about their feelings and chronicle what’s going on in their life, one fun activity at a time.
— Mike Burke, Papa Does Preach

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